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Mobilinkd TNC2 on Ubuntu Linux

First step let Ubuntu to see the modem

My bluetooth usb adapter is an old emtec one, Ubuntu 14.04 does recognize it immediately after plug-in in the usb port.

Then I've switched on Mobilinkd TNC2, the blue led started to flash.

The first problem is that the enclosed Ubuntu bluetooth manager does not works with a Bluetooth serial module of the Mobilinkd TNC.

As I try to configure it with the bluetooth manager it request to set a random password on the modem that is not possible.

So install the blueman bluetooth manager:

sudo apt-get install blueman.

Now start blueman and magically it's possible to pair the Mobilinkd TNC and see it as a rf serial /def/rfcomm0

Try to see if the modem is accessible from the serial port with a terminal, like moserial.

The serial port speed should be 115200.

For example in moserial I saw:

== BeRTOS AVR/Mobilinkd TNC2
== Version
== Voltage: 4026mV
== Starting.

Second step AX.25 settings

First install the necessary AX.25 packages:

# sudo apt-get install ax25-tools# sudo apt-get install ax25-apps

Then, configure your AX.25 ports to allow you to access the TNC.

sudo vi  /etc/ax25/axports:
# /etc/ax25/axports


# The format of this file is:


# name callsign speed paclen window description


packet0     IN3AQK-9         115200  255    2      144.900 MHz (1200 bps) Packet

Pay attention no empty lines are allowed!

Then connect the AX.25 packet0 port to the tnc with the command:

sudo kissattach /dev/rfcomm0 packet0

The result is:

AX.25 port packet0 bound to device ax0

With ifconfig you could see a new ax25 port with the ip

Then it's time to call for example:

axcall packet0  IR3DG

Now its, possible to point Xastir to the just created port packet0

To be continued

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