mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

Ultimate2 QRSS kit by Hans Summers G0UPL

The ultimate QRSS Transmitter Kit is a new version of the  original Ultimate QRSS kit. This new version comes with a pre-assembled AD9850 DDS module, and plug-in low pass filter modules which are also available separately for any band. The kit can transmit on any frequency from audio (500Hz) to over 40MHz, and changing bands is a matter of plugging in the appropriate low pass filter kit to attenuate unwanted harmonic output.

I've just completed the kit and put in on air, these are some photos:

Kit from above with DDS and LPF Filter

The kit during a transmission, note the coin over the dds, to add some thermic dissipation and mass

Note the coin on the left

Transmission on 40 meters with the wspr protocol

Reception report on 40 meters

Some 30 meters wspr traffic

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