lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Where is going my WSPR signal Today

After a long time, due to work problem, without doing any HF and QRP activity today I've been able to switch on my wspr station again.

Just for a test I've tried a transmission on 30 meters with only one watt.
The map shows the result.
Not so much!!!  I'm accustomed to arrive tu USA or Australia with these power and setup, but it's only  test.

Work conditions:

Doublet antenna for 20 meters
WSPR software
Cat interface

I'm working with a Mac OSX computer, in a Windows XP vmware virtual machine.

My wspr signal

sabato 8 settembre 2012

QRSS Signals September 2012

A screen shot of some QRSS signals that I've received on September 08 2012 at 12:52Z.

Rig is a Yaesu ft817 and a simple dipole antenna.

The frequency is around 10139 Khz

The signal on the lower part of the spectrum is from G0PKT

The Martello Tower Group G0PKT operate a QRSS beacon on approximately 10,140.010KHz running 150mW from a Hans Summers QRP Labs kit to a half wave dipole located on top of the Martello Tower. This aerial has been carefully tuned to the exact frequency for optimal performance. The beacon is operational 24/7.

You can find out more about QRSS on our web site: and click on QRSS at the top of the page.

The first is IK6FXR

G0PKT on 09 september

1300 zulu

Never touch a running system

Never touch a running system:

Some time ago I learned from a system engineer this sentence, it seems the right Motto to inaugurate my new technical blog.   

The sentence says  all, without much comment.

Scrivo ancora?

    Come avete notato, se siete arrivati a questa pagina, mi piace condividere le mie esperienze pubblicamente. In questo caso radio amatori...