domenica 12 luglio 2015

My first APRS Packet on ISS

Today I've sent and repeated my first APRS Packet through the International Space Station ISS.

The aprs path was ARISS.

TH-D7  many years old
Wimo sota Log Periodic Antenna
Power about 3 watt

During the pass I've "READ" a lot of other stations from all over Europe.
Being from Suedtirol, Dolomity Mountains, my message was Italy Dolomiti.

So the belove screenshot is like a qsl for me.
You can seen on the balloon that i was repeated by RS0ISS :

 This the raw string

2015-07-12 08:34:33 CEST: IN3AQK-7>TV3U01,RS0ISS*,qAR,LA3QMA-SG:`'(<0x1f><0x1c>./>ITALY DOLOMITI     

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