venerdì 15 giugno 2018

Icom 7100 Tuner Helper

Icom 7100 Tuner Helper

This is my interpretation of a simple device that permits to activate a tuning sequence on NON Icom Tuners.

For example my remote tuner is a SGC 239 and it need a stable carrier for some seconds to complete the tuning sequence.

The tuning sequence is short if the tuning data are already in the tuner memory, but could be really long, even 10 seconds, if the tuning point is not stored or difficult to set.

On internet there are a lot of solutions applicable to the Icom 7100, but some have the problem that the device will maintain the carrier active for a too short time.

All the device try to fake the original Icom Tuner so the 7100 thinks that the tuner is present!!

The solution that I've  found is really simple, two resistor and a switch, the carrier remains active, as soon as the switch is pressed.

The Icom sends a 10 Watt CW carrier perfect for the tuning of a SGC autotuner.

Below the schematics.

73 de In3aqk

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