sabato 17 gennaio 2015

APRS on QRP Portable

In addition to having a strong passion in QRP activity, especially in portable, have always been passionate about economic digital technology, Such as packet radio, APRS and TNC, NO D-Star, NO DMR.

In the 90s my
packet radio station  and packet radio satellite gears has been continuously on for years, it was my internet at zero cost.

During my
QRP HF portable activities, I had the necessity to have a wireless data communication system, not based on cellular technology.
Also because often where I go there is no cellular coverage while the packet-aprs system works.

In addition as software developer work I have developed wireless tracking systems, very similar to APRS.

I have used for some time the tinitrack4, both as aprs and kiss modem.
It works fine, but had some problems, such as:

Too sensibile to the RF emitted by the transmitter
Too many connectors
External power supply.
Casino to connect to Android.

Last Monday I stumbled on this project:

Bought immediately and arrived yesterday with DHL.

It is a packet radio
kiss modem.
In practice it means that it is a stupid modem, not a real or TNC APRS one.

Therefore it requires an external system such as Android.

The modem is very small, it attaches directly behind RTX handheld with a rubber band.

It has an internal lithium battery that allows 48 hours of work.

Beautiful thing is that the serial port is bluetooth and then zero cables except the one with the RTX.

The system do NOT works with iOS systems, because they do not have support of Serial over Bluetooth.

It interfaces seamlessly with APRSDroid and BTTerm for Android, but it also goes with
APRS clients and  Terminals for Windows and Linux.

The configuration is done in 5 minutes with a simple program for Android or Windows.

This system can be seen on, I can indicate on which frequency are QRV on HF during my activations.

Can I send
sota spots , read the cluster and even send an email.

The modem is the little box behind the wouxung

APRS data on my tablet over bluetooth 

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