lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Bolzano Tower off frequency

I was monitoring the frequency of Bolzano Radio on 120.600 mhz AM with a cheap (15 €) RTL2832U SDR. As a former military pilot and now Glider pilot I'm always interested on these kind of communications.
I expected that Bolzano Radio was at 120.600 Mhz, but the RTL SDR does not receive anything!!

Fortunately the spectrum of more of 1 Mhz is also visible on SDRSharp and the trick is done:

Clearly on the screenshot it's visible that the Tower seems 10 khz off frequency.

2 commenti:

  1. Paolo de Paolo :)
    Have you calibrated your SDR E4000 dongle? Mine at 1200 MHz is quite off-frequency requiring a "61" correction factor.
    I will check with similar local VHF traffic if there is a lot of difference in frequencies between fixed and airplane.

  2. No Paolo I've not yet calibrated my SDR dongle, the strange is that some stations seems on the right frequencies!!